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What Are The Benefits of GCC World Business Awards

World Business Awards can boost your and/or organization’s reputation, setting you “apart from the crowd.” They can also give team morale a boost by highlighting team and individual achievements. 

If you’re a young company, winning awards can signal to the world that you’ve “arrived,” and help to cement your credibility. For more established players, business marks from Global Chamber of Commerce (GCC) and awards not only showcase your heritage, but also prove you’re still dynamic and innovative. 

GCC Awards can also be great for an organization’s bottom line. Research highlights that award-winning businesses can acquire a sales boost of 37 percent, as well as a 44 percent jump in their stock price. 

The competition is open to all individuals, companies, and organizations involved in producing any type of project involving Digital Media & Advertising; Education & Leadership; Innovation & Technology; Community Impact, Sustainability; Art & Culture.

  1. Apply now
  2. Register
  3. Enter all your submissions: title, category, client if applicable, & URL if applicable
  4. Click next, select your payment method 
    To pay later or by check select check. To pay now, select “credit card”. If needed, upload your supporting materials
  5. Click Finish
  6. If you abandon the entry process without finishing, your information will be saved and you can go back to it later
  7. You will then get a confirmation email with next steps

Choose the category that best fits what you want to be judged. You will be presented with a system of choices that will help you get to a specific category number. For instance, you will choose a parent category such as Digital Marketing & Advertising, then you will be presented with a list of secondary subsets such as Individual or Corporate Awards, and then the third set of specific categories such as Best Affiliate Marketing Campaign. Judges reserve the right to move an entry to another category. All winners are chosen on merit. All nominations get a Certificate of Excellence. 

Receipts and Paperwork will be automatically emailed to the email associated with your account immediately after checkout. 

We recognize the need for confidentiality, permission, etc. and will not display or comment on any entries without prior permission from the entrant. However, unless otherwise requested in writing by the entrant, the client company will be included in the winner’s list. The last file that is uploaded for each entry will be the file that represents the work on our Winner page, which will be live after the event.

During the entry process, there will be a Chat option at the bottom of the page. There is also additional entry information on our website. You can email us at info@globalcambercommerce.com, or call +91 8310819025. 

To ensure fairness and consistency, most entries are evaluated by our jury members and will be based purely on merit. All nominations will receive a Certificate of Excellence.